Was defeat PSV incidentje or will this impact?

7751d208724ed93503edc722925f8019 - Was defeat PSV incidentje or will this impact?

The big question now on everyone’s mind is whether the 5-0 embarrassment of PSV against Willem II a incidentje was or that the consequences are going to get.

The players of PSV dripping off after the ignominious defeat

Don’t forget that PSV still to AZ need, the weather chasing Ajax next month in Eindhoven receives and that the Locals have a much better goal difference. As the leader one time and loses, that no two times are equal play. If Ajax of course the full loot grabs.

It thundered yesterday prompt in Eindhoven. Trainer Phillip Cocu picked up himself and his players a free day off. During a big praatsessie, with a search for an explanation for the largest defeat since 1964, told everyone in his selection together quite the truth. And that was too expensive.

On a night which for PSV, everything went wrong, was the disbelief on the faces of almost 14,000 spectators to read. How was this in anyway possible? Willem II, that was the number fifteen in the rankings where coach Erwin of Tanning under the pressure of the fans in parting? And PSV the team that so stoically afkoerste on the title? Of that relationships was nothing to note. Rather, it was the other way around.

Also Cocu, who still has experienced in his career, was stunned. As a player he lost in the final crazy kampioensjaar in 2007 from Ajax (1-5) and as a trainer 4.5 years ago from Vitesse (2-6), but this blamage also had the coach didn’t see coming. Only in 1957, against GVAV went to PSV with larger numbers down: 7-1. As for the current team the buzzwords fight and passion are missing, there is little.

With the Saturday suspended Hirving Lozano and Hendrix back in the team the next thuisduels with VVV and NAC in the character of reparation. But the 5-0 in Tilburg purely as a wake-up call, it is far too easy.

It thundered last week already on the offices of PSV. Ex-player Björn van der Doelen posed already in a kampioensshirt and the city of Eindhoven, spoke already about a possible ceremony. The for PSV uncontrollable messages that the clubleiding completely going down the wrong way shoot. The players were in Tilburg, the netherlands indeed show that PSV still have no champion, though, was the way they showed very exaggerated.

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