Turmoil by the mysterious, exploding packages: two dead

ea42298c13e156e69302bb5775af4759 - Turmoil by the mysterious, exploding packages: two dead

AUSTIN – Exploding packets cause a lot of unrest in the American city Austin (Texas). The past few days came in three different places packets to be detonated. Thus fell two dead and one wounded.

The FBI is investigating a link between the explosions.

The American police does not exclude that the ’hate crimes’. All the victims belonged to the Afro-American community. The police suspect a connection between the explosions. Until now there is no evidence that it attacks with a racist motive, emphasized the local chief of police.

The first explosion occurred on 2 march. A 39-year-old man came to life when he received the package at his front door was open and made. The other two explosions occurred Monday. Also here it went to packages that are not by a regular delivery service were delivered. The youngest victim is a boy of 17.

The police encourages residents to packets whose sender is not known, do not touch. Texans should immediately 911 call if they something suspicious. Specialists analyze the different explosives.

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