TOURIST rush hour can save lives of leukemiepatiënt

d0983999889cc75cbd4308882a8254e6 - TOURIST rush hour can save lives of leukemiepatiënt

VVV-striker Lennart Thy is this week for a very special reason to be absent at the North-Limburgers.

VVV-striker Lennart Thy.

The German attacker, who last summer descended into The Cool, was seven years ago, DNA or in his further life of someone with blood cancer to be able to help.

Stem cell transplant

Recently, it is evident that Thy have a DNA match with a leukemiepatiënt. The German has decided to work on the donation of blood, as a stem cell transplant.

The Venlo club (with a twelve point lead at the sixteenth place firmly in the middle of the table) has agreed to the request of Thy to cooperate with this particular process. The chance of a DNA match is extremely small and makes for an exceptional situation. Thy misses this week, all the trainings of the team of Maurice Steijn and also Saturday in the duel with the leader PSV not in action.

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