“The trainer thought to me: that there is no wood”

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Calculated Sander Fischer helped Sparta with the most spectacular goal of his career on the road in the degradatiekraker with Roda JC (0-2). It must be as a liberation have felt for the man who in recent months the criticism to his address, however, has tasted at The Chateau.

Sparta defender Sander Fischer (l.) scores and takes the lead in the fight against Roda JC. “I have a feeling that it is now going.”

“What stubbornness is concerned, I have the feeling that we cover are all,” says Fischer, who themselves are best match played since his arrival to Sparta, and the first to admit that it is a period of time are not good ran. Michel Breuer was immediately after the arrival of Dick Advocaat is already on the sofa set and it is not for nothing that Sparta with the Turk Yigithan Güveli actually been a competitor for Fischer had won (he was not due to an injury), and until the last moment looking for an extra defender.

“The trainer has that last matches before the winter break, of course, also be seen,” says Fischer about the embarrassing 0-7 against Liverpool and 4-0 at FC Groningen. “Who thought of me: that there can be no wood. That does not matter, then you should stay and fight and you try to apply. The nibbling at each player, when you have less plays. The trust less of you harder work. I have a feeling that it is now going.”

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