The Is find uitfluiten Veltman outrageous

056127a73e30d3c5ab01282934d7875c - The Is find uitfluiten Veltman outrageous

It was, to put it mildly, not the week of Joël Veltman. The for quite some time with his form struggling to be the captain of Ajax got a slap on slap on slap.

Joël Veltman replaces Max Wober. First of these receives a fastening flute concerto of their own fans

After Ronald Koeman him is not recorded in the 33 man storey pre-selection of Orange, came Erik ten Hag, there with a right-wing direct over that. He had against SC Heerenveen (4-1) no place in the basis for Veltman, who, to make matters worse, when subbing again was uitgefloten by a part of his own ’fans’.

Matthijs de ligt, against the Frisians, the aanvoerdersband took over from Veltman, spoke after the shame of the behavior of some supporters. “I have a feeling you”, said the young man. “Joel plays for Ajax 1, is captain and then I find the fans a bit more respect. Of course the people have an opinion, but this is – in your own home – outrageous, yes,” he replied when prompted.


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