Television interview, O. J. Simpson causes a stir

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A previously not broadcast interview with O. J. Simpson from 2006 on the American television Sunday for consternation ensured. Many viewers expressed on social media outrage about the way O. J. spoke about the ’hypothetical’ involvement in the murders of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman.

O. J. Simpson

The interview took at that time place as a result of the book If I Did it, that the former sportsman and actor, together with a ghostwriter released. The book would be at the end of 2006 come true, eleven years after O. J. was acquitted of the two murders. If I Did it he describes how he murders would have been committed if he had done that.

Under the pressure of public opinion were the 400,000 printed copies of the book destroyed before it ever came out, and was the broadcast of the interview cancelled. Later they bought the relatives of Ron Goldman the rights of the book, and brought it out under a new title. To If I Did it was the subtitle confessions of a murderer added.

In the interview, gave Simpson that he Nicole has been abused. In the section in which he hypothesized about the murders and talked, he introduced one Charlie as mededader. He claimed that he felt nothing more can remember from the time that he with a knife took of this Charlie, except that he was ’blood everywhere, and other things ” saw. Viewers were particularly dismayed that the ex-footballer during the discussion of the murders several times very hard, had to laugh.

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