’Sylvie will experience the ’Perfect weekend’ with her mr. Perfect’

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Sylvie Meis would be a relaxed weekend have lived with her new flame Sander. It reports News on the basis of information they got from German photographers and a member of the five-star resort where they stayed.

Sylvie Meis

On her Instagramaccount plays Sylvie, the smart: she is always alone in the pictures and in the cheery caption is not the name or even a reference to her new love. Still, it was her new love Sander, a dermatologist in Hamburg, also of the party, know photographer Darius for sure. He’d seen them, and know what the two did there: “They have hiked over the beach, champagne drunk, gefitnesst.”

The photographer knew the stay of the couple to discover, thanks to the background of the Instagramfoto of La Meis. “Slot Weissenhaus is a well-known five-star hotel on the Baltic sea, a hundred kilometers from Hamburg. It is equipped with all luxury.” An employee of a slot Weissenhaus know add that Sylvie and Sander a very nice hotel, taken in – how romantic – the castle. “The upper room, with view on our lush green pasture.”

A ’beautiful escape’ and a ’happy weekend’, writes Sylvie with a photo of themselves at the sea. And even though her great love is invisible on the three photos of the weekend, without her mr. Perfect would be the radiant Sylvie in her last post still very handy to have the ’Perfect end to a Perfect weekend.

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