Students Moscow strongly opposed the arrival of fanplein

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Thousands of students of the university of Lomonosov in Moscow have protested against the arrival of a fanzone on their site during the world cup.

Students are not happy with the fanplein in Moscow during the world CHAMPIONSHIPS.

“The green area at our university is not suitable for a large festival to organize. It also goes at the expense of the rest”, they argue. The 4500 students and professors who are a petition was started to the plan of a fanzone still to avoid. Two letters to the address of FIFA president Gianni Infantino remained unanswered, they argue. Also submitted appeals to Russian president Vladimir Putin and the city of Moscow produced nothing.

The university of Lomonosov is a few metro stops away from stadium Luzhnyki, where the opening match and the final are completed. The fanzone offers to 25,000 people.

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