Stars commemorate Star Trek actor Anton Yelchin on birthday

e98518f2cc900072b6d36477e231aeea - Stars commemorate Star Trek actor Anton Yelchin on birthday

Zoe Saldana and Marilyn Manson stood Sunday on social media, look at what the 29th birthday would have been of Anton Yelchin. The Star Trek actor died in 2016.

Anton Yelchin

“Happy birthday Anton, you’re forever in our hearts”, wrote Zoe in a photo of themselves with the actor and their Star Trek-colleagues Karl Urban and John Cho.

Marilyn Manson showed on Twitter know: “I miss Anton Yelchin and I wish that I could today his birthday with him could celebrate. A – we will always think of you. And I miss you.” The shockrocker saw the humor in his message. “I know that this tweet had hated. But your laughs now somewhere, you genius.”

Anton died in an accident on his own driveway. His car rolled backwards on the steep driveway, where the actor is between the car, a stone pillar and garden gate directly to capture. Friends who worried were when he didn’t show up for a rehearsal, and found his body there. From the autopsy it appeared that Anton probably within a minute after the accident and died.

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