Social media is used against misinformation

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STRASBOURG – Social media like Twitter and Facebook are willing to make appointments on the countering misinformation and nepnieuws through their platforms. The events will be processed in a European code to which they will adhere.

The code is drawn up by the so-called expert group which the European Commission has set. Include Twitter, Facebook and Google are also represented.

The platforms to their users more clearly explain how the algorithms work that determine which news stories they get dished. They should also take measures to reliable news, a clear stage.

’Big step forward’

,,A great step forward and a robust starting point’, says chairman of the expert group Madeleine de Cock Buning. ,,Censorship should at any price be avoided.” They said Sunday that the EU does not have lists of distributors of nepnieuws should build because there is a risk that governments use it to their benefit.

The recommendations of the experts are Monday submitted to the European Commission, which in the spring come forward with a proposal.

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