Slovak minister road after murder of journalist

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BRATISLAVA – Slovak prime minister Robert Kaliňák (Home Affairs) has his departure was announced. One of the coalition parties had then insisted after the murder of journalist Jan Kuciak and his fiance.

Robert Kaliňák

Kaliňák, an ally of prime minister Robert Fico, went Monday by the knees. “It is important for stability to be maintained. Therefore, I have decided to step in as deputy prime minister and minister of the Interior”, said the minister at a press conference. Critics claimed that Kaliňák no independent investigation could guarantee to the murders.

Kuciak did before his death, research into Italian businessmen who have possible ties with the mafia. The who journalist has in the past also written about possible tax fraud by a real estate developer who had ties with Kaliňák. The minister denied outside of his book are gone.

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