Russia is showing super-fast rocket

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MOSCOW – Russia has one of the latest weapons shown. On the tv were images of the firing of a hypersonic missile, the kinzjal (dagger). A MiG-31 fighter jet shot the missile, according to the Kremlin with 12,000 miles per hour, ten times the speed of sound, on his goal of flying.

A MiG-31 fighter jet shot the missile down.

President Vladimir Putin referred to recently in his annual speech on the state of affairs in the country, to the latest generation of advanced implements of war. “The launch went according to plan”, said the ministry of Defense Sunday against the media. “The hypersonic missile hit the target on a practice range.”

Putin told that the kinzjal can be equipped with both a nuclear warhead, as with a conventional payload. The range is 2000 km and the speed so great that the rocket by the current defense systems can not be intercepted.

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