Rumors about the wedding of Sharon Stone

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It seems that Sharon Stone is soon to marry. The actress, best known from the movie Basic Instinct, was last weekend spotted with an engagement ring with a diamond around her left ring finger.

The actress announced in January her relationship with Angelo Boffa public when she, together with her new friend to New York to tour. There fourth the set with the release of her moordmysterieserie Mosaic, directed by Steven Soderbergh.

Representatives of the actress, mother of Roan, (17), Laird (12) and Quinn (11), have not yet responded to all the speculation. If the verlovingsnieuws is true, this will be the third marriage of Sharon. She was from 1984 to 1990 married to tv producer Michael Greenburg. In 1998 she decided to with editor Phil Bronstein got married. They divorced in 2003. Stone also had relationships with producer William J. MacDonald in 1993, and with director Bob Wagner in 1994.

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