Ron Boszhard happy with the end Who is the Mole

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Ron Boszhard is happy that Who is the Mole, the games that he mentioned in the first episode, had to leave, finally over. That let him know with a video on Instagram.

Ron Boszhard

He took a video on the Mediapark, where posters of all the participants in the program, where the drop-outs a red haze about their image have gotten. “Look, I’m a regular at the Trosgebouw and then I see every time this image,” says Ron Boszhard on the image of Jan Versteegh, that Sunday evening in the final episode of Wie is de Mol the Mole turned out to be. Then he walks past the other participants until he came to his own image true. “And from day 1, from day 1, I was red.”

It was extra painful for Ron that he is the first participant of the program was dropped, nota bene in a setup where he’s not even all of the participants had met. In his own words, he was already ten years waiting on an invitation to join his favorite show. Eventually he is the creator of the program approached, and became a dream for him.

Great is his relief that the signs Tuesday be removed, now the program is over. “Then I do, since the upcoming time is also not more to watch.” From his caption, it appears once again that the presenter must be ready now with the constant visual confrontation with his defeat. “And well rid of it”, he concludes.

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