Ria Bremer is back with zwangerschapsonderzoek

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Ria Bremer is a program present all around a unique zwangerschapsonderzoek. In the program, women tell, as in the presented broadcast of a Finger on the Pulse in 1983, about their experiences with pregnancy and childbirth. After 35 years, makes Ria the balance with the new nationwide study, made AVROTROS Monday known.

For How do you Like the Netherlands dives Bremer in the world of pregnancies and childbirths. How experienced women do that nowadays? And what are the experiences of women who are trying to become pregnant? Also spends the 78-year-old tv presenter attention to the latest techniques. “There has been in 35 years so much has changed,” says Ria. “And it goes on and on. Sometimes I have the feeling that infertility no longer exists, and that children instead of in the bedroom in the laboratory to be made.”

The research is being carried out by the EenVandaag Opiniepanel. The results form the basis for How do you Like the Netherlands, from september 5 to see at NPO 1.

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