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Revenge, roofmoorden and gefoefel

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Of the mute of revenge to gefoefel in the Round to the gewelddadigste roofmoorden in the U.S.: the crime dominates the tv in the evening.

  • The Homesman (Caz 20.40-22.40 hours)

Hats, horses and wagons, that’s about the only thing this movie has in common with the typical western. For the rest, this is a wonderful, human story, with Tommy ‘the cumulkoning’ Lee Jones in the big do, as a director and in the lead role.

  • The Wraakprotocol (NPO2, 20.55-21.50 hours)

In the Dutch psychiatric institution, The Waag, experiments therapist Herman Verbeek with a special method to revenge to mute. In this documentary we follow two people that their deepest trauma’s search for the origin of those feelings to discover.

  • The Round (One 22.10-23.10 hours)

In seven years time, the tv landscape is very much changed. Curious to see if this feat of Jan Eelen, partly recorded during the Tour Of Flanders, still endures. Because ajemoekakkenmoejekakken.

  • Being Black (BBC 2, 22.00-23.30)

Blackened Dread is a household name in the reggae world. He is a producer and operates a legendary record store in London. Filmmaker Molly Dineen made an intimate portrait of the man whose life is in a tumultuous phase. His mother is recently dead, and depends on him a sentence of imprisonment above the head.

  • Cold Blooded (Canvas 23.15-0.00 am)

Very interesting, this series of documentaries about one of the gewelddadigste roofmoorden in recent American history. Truman Capote wrote in 1966, In cold blood. He comes himself also in the documentary.

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