Raffaëlla Paton in rebellion against You-day

6788e136628c29f5a0a31f6573e98de0 - Raffaëlla Paton in rebellion against You-day

Dev Paton takes it but nothing: the idea that mother’s day you-day. That let them know on her social media.

Dev Paton

On her Facebook she posts a clear message in response to the news that the British supermarket chain Waitrose mother’s day now You-day calls, so genderneutraal and cater to transgender activists. “I am a mother, not a YOU,” writes the mother of a daughter, the Beautiful Hope.

She has the feeling that its something taken away from them, as mother’s day no mother’s day more would be called. “I work very hard for. And I am very proud of! No one grabs me!” For her it is also very clear: “Mother’s day REMAINS, for me, just mother’s day! BYE!”

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