Psychiatrist that gays wanted to be cured, had sex with them

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TORONTO – A psychiatrist from Canada, who believes that homosexuality is a deviation which people can heal, is his license lost because he had two male patients sexually abused.

Archive photo for illustration.

Dr. Melvyn Iscove has, according to the ruling of the College of Physicians and Surgeons oral had sex with two patients during therapy sessions, and participated in joint masturbation. In addition, he has once anal had sex in his office with a client.

“Not a single witness describes any emotional or romantic aspects of the sexual activity. Both thought that the sex was part of the attempt to heal, by actually doing, instead of talking about it to fantasize.”

The world health organisation took homosexuality in 1992 from the list of mental diseases. In Ontario, the province of Canada in which dr. Iscove worked, banned in 2015 the controversial genezingstherapiën.

Iscove denies the allegations. “We are very disappointed”, told his lawyer about it. “We deny the allegations from the beginning, and still, and are considering an appeal.”

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