Professor Elisabeth De Waele Tuesday in Topdokters

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In episode 6 of Topdokters we give the viewer a glimpse into the life and work of professor Elisabeth De Waele, Brussels, mother of 3 children, clinical nutritioniste and one of 12 doctors at Intensive Care at UZ Brussels.
At the department of cardiology of Intensive Care is a woman of 83 after a heart surgery to repair, but it does not go well with the woman. She has a bleeding in her stomach, making the chance that her organs will fail. Professor De Waele together with the cardiac surgeon to decide whether a second surgery is necessary, a procedure not without risk given the age of the patient.

Doctor Hes and professor Van Cutsem both get a patient in for a consultation, who they are years ago treated. With doctor Hes the lady again back pain after her surgery. They must decide whether or not they had surgery again wants to be or not. The patient of professor van Cutsem comes after four months of chemotherapy on checking to see if there is still tumoractiviteit present. An additional problem for the proud lady is hair loss, a problem of many cancer patients. In UZ Leuven, we try to provide a solution with the Bianca center, a mini-spa where patients can get their worries can be forgotten. And humor appears to be an important component in a hospital setting, as evidenced by this episode.

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