Police start search for since 1974, missing friends

cb7fb0c12a5855fd362e80d81233b2f4 - Police start search for since 1974, missing friends

They had the hope, almost given up, but Dutch people hope this week, still force a breakthrough in a 44-year-old verdwijningszaak. An anonymous testimony could clear up what happened with the two good friends who disappeared without a trace after a night on the town.

Piet Hölskens and Hans Martens, both from Asten and when, respectively, 21 and 20 years old, disappeared on march 16, 1974 after a night on the town. They left at 3 in the morning, a café in the Netherlands (Deurne). Where the two go are gone, no one knows. The police considers the dossier in the meantime, as a loss, not as murder. As for murder, the case will be statute-barred, as it was in 2006 decided. Yet it was the police there all the time unofficially that both young men by a crime were killed.

Because the matter is a silent death, died, switched the families of Hölskens and Martens a privédetectivebureau in. One of those detectives, Judith Houben, talked past years, with witnesses and even with a possible offender. Al refuses to accept the final DNA.

Secret relationship?

But the main information comes, perhaps, from an anonymous witness, who in 2012, his story has done to the Criminal Intelligence Unit. He said that both friends were murdered after a heavy fight with their killer. That would give them somewhere were lured to them afterwards to kill. Also the car Hölskens, a red Fiat Coupe 850, was never recovered.

The scenario that now the people on the table, it has about the secret relationship of Martens with the wife of a colleague. That colleague would be behind the relationship, after which Martens to a secluded place and was lured. Hölskens, with Martens on step, would also be killed.

Finally research

On the basis of the different tips is the police today, a major search operation is started to The Brink-more in Liessel (Noord-Brabant), and for the first time since the disappearance in 1974. Investigators hope to not only physical surpluses of the two, but also remnants of the red Fiat.

The families of both victims hope that there is an end to many years of uncertainty. ‘The chance is small that there is still something about the bodies. But the car is hopefully easier to find. If there is also only one component is found, then it is for us an important question answered. That puts an end to a lot of uncertainty, ” says Jan Hölskens, the brother of Piet, the Dutch national newspaper Trouw.

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