Pano: breathe our children are sick?

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‘Pano’ sniffs on Wednesday, march 14, our air: how pure and clean is the air in our country? How serious are the consequences of air pollution for our health, and in particular for the development of our children?

Pano-reporter Ilse Van Lysebeth is a few weeks ago moved from Molenbeek to Opwijk. For different reasons, but one of them: to go in search of cleaner air for her five-year-old son Arno. Or is that just a naive thought of concerned parents?

Where is it better?

The evidence that air pollution is detrimental to our health are piling up: from pulmonary diseases such as asthma to heart disease and even the development of the brain. Would move to the countryside really have an effect on a child, and would we be able to test?

“In particular, our children are vulnerable”

That question does some scientific eyebrows rise. Yes, there are more and more scientific evidence that can demonstrate that air pollution is harmful to our children:

“We know that smoking is bad since the ‘50s, passive smoking since the ‘80s and now we also know that the air we breathe has an impact on our health,” says Tim Nawrot, professor at the University of Hasselt.

“In particular, our children are extra vulnerable”, fill in pediatrician Stijn Verhulst (UZA).“When kids are of all the organs still in development and if there is a spoiler enters, such as the car exhaust has a negative influence on the development of a child.”

But whether that is only by moving to the countryside would be better? Find some scientists to be a difficult question to answer.

Reporter Ilse takes the challenge, they will find out via a number of surprising experiments with the children in Arno’s old and new class. She comes to startling insights.

Pano, Wednesday, 14 march at 21: 25 hours on One.

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