Moscow headquarters of videoref at world cup

5ed7535d3d92db08f74004741cb7222b - Moscow headquarters of videoref at world cup

If there is Friday during a FIFA meeting in Bogota prior to the use of a videoscheidsrechter at the world cup in Russia is going to vote, Moscow will be the headquarters.

The videoscheidsrechter active in a duel of PSV in the KNVB-cup.

The international spelregelcommissie IFAB made at the beginning of this month, paving the way for the introduction of videoscheidsrechters in football. Leagues and competitions may permanently make use of the system. Currently need to do this dispensation be requested.

In the Netherlands, were the videoscheidsrechters in the first instance in a van at the stadium where the match was played. After some bad experiences decided the KNVB where to get off and the tv arbitrators from the Mediapark in Hilversum to work and communicate with the stewards in the stadium.

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