MNM goes in search of The biggest names School

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For the eighth time already start on youth radio station MNM the exciting battle for the best title that a high school in our country may reap The biggest names School. The motto is again “the limits push you together.” In order to prove that that’s right, challenged MNM-DJ Tom De Cock, the Minister of Education Hilde Crevits to live on Facebook with naked ten yards over razor sharp pieces of broken glass to walk. They took the challenge this morning in the Sint-Bavohumaniora in Ghent (winner of The biggest names School 2017).
They shifted together, without permanent injury to their border, a spectacular starting point for the search for The biggest names School 2018. On 3 may we know who to take with the coveted trophy, eternal glory, and the accompanying live radiofeest.

MNM-dj and The biggest names School-veteran Tom De Cock, and Nora Gharib (online icon and figurehead of the movie Patser) go together in search of The biggest names School 2018. They get it every day in the company of another top-BV. In cooperation with Ambrassade issue different youth organisations, a school representative, that if ervaringdeskundige in the jury’s seat. Together, they visit 15 schools in 5 days time. Who exactly is in the sterrenjury resides, you will come in the coming weeks to know on MNM and via
Nora Gharib, brandnew member of the jury of The biggest names School Of 2018: “I am very happy that I can join the jury of The biggest names School. I found it for the first time, a pity that I am no longer in school, because then I would join my school! I think it’s really nice to be with your whole school forming a group, and for the top to go in this competition.”

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