May accuses Russia of attack on ex-spy

37de9d41a87c09b4245c562743f42799 - May accuses Russia of attack on ex-spy

Russia is likely behind the poisoning of a former Russian spy and his daughter, last week in a British restaurant. That the British prime minister Theresa May said in parliament.

The attack is done with a type of poison that the Russian army is developed, they gave as evidence. She does, however, still cautious caveat: the only other explanation is that Russia gif ‘lost’ would be.

The attack with nerve gas on Sergei Skripal on Sunday, march 4, took place in Salisbury, a fifteen km from Porton Down. There be in command of the British government, among others, sarin and VX produced for research purposes. In Porton Down is the largest supply of nerve gas to Western Europe. After the attack, had a total of 21 people.

“First case fix

Russian president Vladimir Putin is not awake of. However, he warned the British, the correct order to respect: first, resolve the matter, then and only then (possibly) Russia accuse. Putin responded on a pretty direct question of a BBC journalist, who asked “whether Russia is responsible for the poisoning”.

Earlier Monday, Kremlin spokesman Dmitri Peskov, the same laconic approach of the speculation about Russian government debt in the case of Skripal. ‘The husband worked for the British secret service. The incident occurred on British soil. Is this a case that Russia is concerned?’

‘Dangerous game’

Less laconic rageerde the Russian embassy in London. The British government is playing ‘a dangerous game’ with public opinion and fails, the anti-Russian campaign of the media to transcend it, he said it in a communiqué. Such policy not only in the investigation on the wrong track, but (…) involves the risk of serious consequences for a long time’ of the British-Russian relations.

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