Luizenmoeder connect with 3.1 million viewers

bc1878576df28fb715bd8ecbf59a2f38 - Luizenmoeder connect with 3.1 million viewers

The latest installment of the popular series The Luizenmoeder is Sunday by 3.1 million people watched. The series around the ups and downs in the primary school, The Ivy grew over the past weeks to the tv hit on NPO 3 and it was the last few weeks the best viewed program of Sunday.

The Luizenmoeder started with less than a million viewers, but reached in the fourth episode a highlight, with nearly 3.5 million viewers. Then continued to the numbers hovering around three million. Also online has the nine episodes of existing series of records broken.

Broadcaster AVROTROS reported earlier that The Luizenmoeder a second season. Coming Sunday, also follows a bonusaflevering with the bloopers during the filming.

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