Kluivert: “Curaçao and Suriname particle of me’

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Justin Kluivert fell against SC Heerenveen (4-1) finally got on his good game, but also because of his football boots. The attacker of Ajax had his sponsor Adidas, there flags of Curaçao, Suriname and the Netherlands on the choke.

Justin Kluivert

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,,My father is half Antillian, half Surinam and my mother is Dutch,” says the Ajax player, who this week for the first time was included in the pre-selection of the Dutch national team. ,,Of course I choose Orange if I ever finally will be called, but Curaçao and Suriname are also part and parcel of me. That you see to my touch. I want to see where I’m coming from and will – if it is so far – these shoes in Orange to wear.”

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