Killing by missile strike on car in Afghanistan

ce20476b0b53f51e49250a890821a988 - Killing by missile strike on car in Afghanistan

KABUL – A missile strike on a car in the east of Afghanistan cost the life of certainly seven citizens. Among the victims are women and children, said a spokesman from the provincial authorities in Nangarhar. The victims were under way have been to a funeral.

The director was Sunday evening killed when a Talibanstrijder the car standing wanted to keep. Then fired other insurgents the projectile, said the spokesman. They would also have their own comrades have taken.

A spokesman for the Taliban denied that his organization is responsible for the attack. He pointed out that in a text message with an accusing finger to the terrorist organisation Islamic State, which also operates in Afghanistan. The spokesman later wrote on Twitter that the perpetrators part of a “gang of kidnappers”.

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