Khloé Kardashian gives extravagant babyshower

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Khloé Kardashian has Saturday, a baby shower is given in the theme of ’pink’ and sub-theme ’ animals’. And they would not be a Kardashian, if they are not an extremely over the top party for me.

Khloé Kardashian gave Sunday an extravagant babyshower

First there was the decoration of the room in hotel Bel-Air in Los Angeles. The rooms (please note, plural) were filled with hundreds of pink balloons, flowers and lights. Also there was a bow of flowers from the ceiling over the round dining table, where guests on their plate is also a pink statue of a creature-conscious.

A well-known florist for the stars works, Jeff Haynes-Leatham was full of elephants and giraffes of roses. A wall of roses announced the sex of the baby – if still someone have noticed – and with fluorescent light was her name revealed: Baby Thompson. A provisional name was probably; no one assumes that the name of the girl actual Baby will be, even though you can from the Kardashians expect anything.

Khloé Kardashian processed also an animal themed in her pink babyshower

Whole in the Kardashian-Jenner-style, found in the media about the party. The entire clan of sisters – Kim, Kourtney, Kendall, and recently gave birth to Kylie and momager Kris Jenner were also there – dressed in pink – to the celebratory moment experiencing. And for a gift to give, because with a wish-list that a total of 90,000 dollars of gifts contained in it, was there a consideration of the attendees expected. So stood there on the list, including a crib for a value of ten thousand dollars, a babydekentje of Versace and a matching babytas and already a kinderjackje of leather of Givenchy.

Also, papa, Tristan allowed himself to even see at the party. With a game against the Los Angeles Lakers with his team, The Cleveland Cavaliers that same Sunday, however, he was already in the city.

A source told People Magazine: “The shower was very over the top, but absolutely amazing! It felt like a pink dream and there was a lovely romantic atmosphere.” Also Khloé itself is the day after the event, still in the clouds of what she calls her ” most magical memories that I have the rest of my life with me will bear’. “WOW, is sincerely all I can say. I wish I had any photo could post. I still dream.”

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