Joke of Buckets in the new fiction series

a4e9f62dd99827d4b985eb5856f7da51 - Joke of Buckets in the new fiction series

Joke Emmers, who last year created a furore in ” The Smartest Man in the World’, where they are eight times participated in, will later this year participate in the recording of ‘Albatross’. That is a new fiction series for Canvas, written by Dominique ‘Radio Gaga’ By Malder and Wannes Destoop. In the series a number of obese people participating in a confrontational afslankingskamp in the Ardennes. They carry not only physical, but also emotional excess pounds. Buckets was the past years with remarkable roles in ‘Beau Séjour’, ‘Callboys’ and ‘The Eleventh Of the Eleventh’. That writes het belang Van Limburg.

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