Jan Verheyen returns to 1975

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“Father is the boss.” That quote is featured on the fireplace in the house where Jan Verheyen, together with his family takes up residence on Tuesday 13 march 2018. In the slotaflevering of Greetings From – that in recent weeks at an average of about 900,000 viewers could count, accounting for 36,3% of the market share (VVA 18-54, live +7) – he returns to 1975. Officially ” the year of the woman’, notice wife Lien Willaert there but little. Together with their 12-year-old daughter Anna and her friend Madelief going to the family on a voyage of discovery to the year for Lien, who in 1976 saw the light of day, unknown terrain.

When Jan is 1975 in the memory as the year in which his favorite film is Jaws in the halls. Director Steven Spielberg introduces the concept of ‘zomerblockbuster’. ABBA dominates in the meantime all the charts and the Sony Betamax, which allows tv programs that can record, is a fact. The wardrobe of the family Verheyen consists in 1975 from brown and orange hues, plooirokjes, floral prints and velvet pants. Outfits Jan in the taste fall. “I’ve already zottere things worn”, sounds. “I think that mommy is there super good looks and daddy… from the old time,” responds Anna.

The tv-evening ‘the old days’ brings programs such as Casually, The Six Million Dollar Man and Fawlty Towers. “Television was my window on the world”, recalls Jan still. “All together for the tube with a bowl of chips and Zwan sausages: that had all his old aandoenlijkheid still something cute.” But can the programs when the youth of now to entertain?

Anna and Madelief also attract big eyes when they see the authentic typewriter and draaitelefoon discover. But how do those things again? On Saturday night the taste buds of Jan back catapulted to 1975. On the menu is pigeon, a dish that is inextricably linked with his childhood. “My father was a pigeon fancier. Pigeons that are consistently not performed well, finishing in the pan.” It is visitor Luc Appermont together with Bart Kaëll can enjoy all the delicacies. “The 70’s in person!”, according to the Jan. The last hours in 1975, brings the family all scrabbelend by. “This tastes like more”, concludes Jan. “When can I go back to the year when I was 18?”

Greetings From, Tuesday at 20.35 on VTM.

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