Helicopter crash New York city: 5 dead

c8b9d986b8c82ee80034fa695f4482d9 - Helicopter crash New York city: 5 dead

NEW YORK – A helicopter crash in New York has claimed the lives of five people. Only the pilot survived the accident, notify the police.

The crash with the Eurocopter AS350 happened on Sunday around 19.00 local time. The device ended up in the East River. Two passengers died on the spot. The emergency services spent three other occupants to hospitals, where they later succumbed to their injuries.

’Great tragedy’

The rescue work took a long time because the passengers firmly in the seat belts were. “It is a great tragedy,” said commissioner Daniel Nigro of the fire brigade in the metropolis. “Divers had some time for this, we need to liberate people.” The pilot could on his own strength out of the helicopter. He was not seriously injured.

The crashed aircraft was in the name of Liberty Helicopters, a charter company. The helicopter was used for a “photo shoot”, said police chief James O’neill. A passer-by, the crash was filmed. In these images, is to see that the helicopter is a kind of emergency landing on the water.

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