Greek sportminister is ready to quit

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ATHENS – The Greek sports minister Georgios Vassiliadis is ready with the abuses on the soccer field and requires hard measures. Sunday ran chairman Ivan Savvides of PAOK after a disallowed goal with a gun in his pocket the field to protest.

e owner of PAOK stormed the field with a gun in his pocket

Chairman of PAOK is Ivan Savvides, one of the richest people in the country. When he is the field entered, he had, according to witnesses, a holster around his waist with a weapon in it. In addition, he was accompanied by bodyguards. But it is clear that he has no weapon has threatened.

The duel two hours at all. Then reported to the referee that he hit yet approved. Then refused to the adversary AEK, the remaining minutes to play.

This extreme behavior, in demand for extraordinary measures,” said the minister. ,,We face difficult decisions, but we will take. In consultation with the UEFA.” In concrete terms, he was not, but in the Greek media is taken into account that the competition in the highest division will soon be suspended.

The disciplinary committee of the Greek bond must now in any case pronounce on the conduct of PAOK against AEK.

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