Girlfriend Yolanthe killed in plane crash

166b86bedfe7f2556bb5c6601081d5a0 - Girlfriend Yolanthe killed in plane crash

Yolanthe is in deep mourning now a friend of hers is killed in a plane crash. It comes to the 28-year-old Mina Basaran, who with seven friends returning home from her hen party in Dubai.

According to the Times of Islamabad the plane over Iran in bad weather, flew against a mountain and burned it completely out. In addition to the eight friends, there were three crew members on board. No one survived the crash. Bizarre detail is that the plane was the property of her father.

Mina would be on 14 april in Istanbul marry with Murat Gezer. Yolanthe taught Mina know in the time that Wesley Sneijder for Galatasaray played soccer, and set in Turkey lived. “I can find no words that describe how deeply sad I am. I can’t even believe I’m writing this message, am. (…) Mina, my dear angel, I will miss so much”, writes Yo on Instagram.

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