Gerard Joling surprised Dutch winter sports enthusiasts

a0d5875cfdb1b3fcb45a6f81b4825d5a - Gerard Joling surprised Dutch winter sports enthusiasts

Gerard Joling had Sunday evening a surprise in store for the Dutch winter sports in the Austrian Gerlos. The Topper came during the flag parade of the traditional Arena ski show the mountain with the Dutch flag.

Gerard Joling

“I think it’s super guys! Great to be here”, wonder Joling. “I’ve been here for years, but it is the first time I see this show, see. Applause for all the staff and the ski school of Michi’s. You are doing fantastic and I think it’s an honor to be up here!”

The ski and snowboard instructors get during the ski season in Gerlos every Sunday all the stops for a show. The teachers come in special formations down, skiing with fireworks on their backs, have special lichtpakken and perform tricks on the ramp. Joling is all the years skiing in Gerlos, by him renamed Geerloos, and if Sunday to participate in the final ski show of the season.

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