Friends surprise Kim Kötter with babyshower

b73707a7ae41c9c6eec2ed55f80b8164 - Friends surprise Kim Kötter with babyshower

Kim Kötter is Sunday by her friends surprised with a baby shower. Among others, Kirsten, the wife of Nick, the Painter, was in the conspiracy.

Kim was ’kidnapped’ to Brasserie Van Dam, the restaurant of Nicolette van Dam in Amsterdam. And that was a lot in the taste. “What a party!! My leave was today inaugurated by a super delicious surprise with some of my dear friends & family!! Soooo sweet!!!”

On the photos on Instagram to show the ladies a lot of blue balloons had with them; Kim is expecting her second son. Previously she was with her friend Jaap Reesema already have a little boy, Muck.

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