Frances Lefebure and Gilles Van Bouwel open Cafe The Mol

187d9706c9d3ac457cb2639f5713205d - Frances Lefebure and Gilles Van Bouwel open Cafe The Mol

From Sunday, march 18, is Cafe The Mol is no longer just a cosy pub in Izegem. Because from this Sunday to present the römantische Frances Lefebure and ex-mol Gilles Van Bouwel Café De Mol.

In Cafe The Mol, they go together with known and unknown guests, ex-members, fans of the first or the last hour and a diehard-mole trappers weekly looking for tips to help the mole to expose. Because Frances and Gilles will, like all The Mole viewers, their search from scratch start.
“The fact that I ever had The Mole been am will not help me. I was last year, like all viewers, very hard on the hunt for the mole and osbsessioneel looking for clues. If you are almost a weekly must determine that you are completely wrong, you know.” said Gilles Van Bouwel.

The Mole will start on Sunday 25 march at FOUR. The broadcast of Café De Mol follows immediately on each delivery and that all LIVE in FOUR. This invites Cafe The Mol also the whole of Flanders to using social media to search for the mole and any not substantiated theory to share with all the fans. Frances Lefebure: “I’m a fan of the first hour. I have all seasons followed and am always greatly intrigued by what The Mol with Flanders. Everyone has for weeks on end in the ban of the program, and just it go we are in our café and get to work. I screen all evening live-tweets about the program wander in and fluff the most notable theories from. Hashtag #demol so, to the spins before my eyes. I have here as much as sense in it.”

Gilles Van Bouwel talk, surrounded by the many enthusiastic molloten, every week, with two central praatgasten: a well-known fellow-man and an ex-participant of The Mol. Gilles Van Bouwel: “The well-known regulars must meet two requirements: they are a big fan of The Mole and they are willing to give their Sunday evening at the café. To our went thank James Cooke, Marie Verhulst, Pedro Elias, Martin Heylen, Elodie Ouedraogo,…in Short: a half hour in-depth analyses, silly thoughts, informed and of the pot way that they are pulled theories about the identity of the mole. And a pint and some nachos.”

Café De Mol start with a special broadcast on Sunday 18 march. Then all the candidates of the new season of The Mole. And The Mole-fans may be there for a very first time taste of the Mexican couleur locale to us in the coming weeks will accompany you on this crazy trip full of joy, excitement, humor, adventure and culture, but especially full of mystery and…betrayal.

Café De Mol, extra special on Sunday, march 18, and march 25 weekly and live after The Mole.

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