Five Flemish films may to the prestigious film festival of Cleveland

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Five Flemish film productions have been invited to the Cleveland International Film Festival, which runs from 5 to 15 april. It is one of the most important film festivals in the US. The short animated film ‘Catherine’ by Britt Raes, the jeugdfilm ‘Cloudboy’ of Meikeminne Clinckspoor and the feature films ‘The second face’ by Jan Verheyen, ‘Le Fidèle’ from Michaël R. Roskam, and ‘Facades’ of Nathalie Basteyns and Kaat Beels are there on the poster.

‘Catherine’ is a short animated film of the Ghent illustrator, and just right Britt Raes about a girl that is fond of pets. Since its premiere in October 2016, the movie boasts more than 150 festivalselecties and a thirty film awards. ‘Cloudboy’ of Meikeminne Clinckspoor is about a shy boy from the city that summer with his mother and her new family in Lapland need to spend.

In addition, three Flemish films in Cleveland will be screened: ‘The second face’, ‘Le Fidèle’, and ‘Facades’. ‘The second face’ by Jan Verheyen is a politiethriller with Koen De Bouw and Werner De Smedt in the leading roles, based on the novels by Jef Geeraerts. ‘Le Fidèle’ is a dark love tragedy of Michaël R. Roskam, with Matthias Schoenaerts and Adèle Exarchopoulos in the lead roles. The film was in the autumn of 2017, selected for the film festivals of Toronto and Venice, and was the official Belgian submission for the Oscars of 2018. ‘Facades’ is about a woman who unexpectedly at a turning point in her life. The director is Nathalie Basteyns and Kaat Beels, who previously put together the succesreeksen ‘Beau Séjour’ (2016) and ‘Clan’ (2012) reversed. The leading roles in the Facades for Natali Broods, Johan Leysen and Theo Maassen.

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