Filip Peeters taught his German horizontal

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Filip Peeters is not only with us but also in Germany, a sought-after actor. Germany plays he has been in flawless German in movies and tv series. Filip has in Germany already more than 50 film roles, played. And that while he’s in school for as little as 1 hour German got. In Alloo When he tells Luk Alloo how he can be so smooth German closet: “In school we had only 1 hour German. But in my street in Tervuren were we used to be the only Flemish people between a lot of European officials. So I learned a lot of Germans know. Also a fun girl who is my first girlfriend was. And it seems to be a language much better learn if you are horizontal is because there is more blood to your brain.”

For the last Alloo At this season draws Luk Alloo even to places that Filip Peeters were important. So also to Berlin, the city where Filip Peeters at least 1 time per year stay. Filip there must be some pieces of dialogue again and notice that there are German agent to see what roles are offered. Luk experiencing quickly that Filip also in Berlin, “ein beliebter Schauspieler”. Outside, he must immediately signatures to hand out to fans. “They are much more polite than Flemish fans. What more reserved. It is here Mr. Peeters. In Flanders they call ‘hey, the Fluppe! Allookes!’”

Suddenly it goes fast for Filip. Because after roles in local productions in Germany and France, he has played soon an important role in addition to the Italian superstar Monica Belluci and the British “oscar” Italian Sir Ben Kingsley in a British-Israeli film ‘Spider in the Web’. But there he remains very down to earth. “Because I’m not 18 anymore, I am 55. It is also but that. There are more important things in life. It goes against my sense of justice.”

Acting is slowly falling by the way side issue, for Filip. He made his directorial debut with ‘What Men Want’ and will in the future also movies are going to produce. “As an actor you only think: been there, done that. The hunger is missing gradually, the new specimen to me at all to throw. As a producer I find me again, I can still learn a lot and evolve. It is really exciting.”

That he the past few years, many in Germany acted, nibbling a bit on the family life. Now more than ever. “At uithuizig are you think: it is especially annoying when the kids are small and cute. But it is just vice versa. The bigger they are, the worse it is. Because now they say simply: dad, are you gone again? And we? You will be on your weaknesses to get caught.”

Luk pulls with Filip also to the parental home, the school, and also to some restaurants, because after his high school has Filip first koksdiploma met. It is also a somewhat unexpected place, where he and rest seems to come: the kitchen restaurant Clean Of Boskoop. Filip got as a teenager, training as a chef, and jumps back in the restaurant and in the kitchen. Scallops cleaning, meat cutting, sauces. Hard work, and yet relaxing. “Working with food is something that you pass, cultural heritage. My daughter likes it now too. It has something very zinnelijks. The handling of food, the feel. This is pure relaxation for me.”

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