FARC big loser elections, Colombia

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BOGOTA – The FARC on Sunday, as the big loser from the elections in Colombia come. It was the first time that the former ’narcoguerrilla’ in the elections participated and she won hardly any votes.

The mid-sixties as a ultra-left movement founded FARC (Revolutionary armed Forces of Colombia) is hated because of the terror and the drug crime with which the movement has long been in the jungle standing loved.

The FARC did, thanks to the peace agreement of last year for the first time as a political group and only 0.3 percent of the votes earned. However, given the movement ten seats, because the peace agreement is agreed upon.

The right-liberal opponents of the agreement obtained with their party PCD of ex-president Alvaro Uribe a victory. The PCD was more than 16 percent of the votes the biggest party.

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