EU parliament decries nepotism Brussels

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STRASBOURG – With nepotism and shady promotions play the European Commission eurosceptics in the map. The daily EU administration behaves arrogantly and treats EU-parliamentarians as children.

That was the tenor of a debate in the European Parliament on the appointment of the German, Martin Selmayr secretary-general of the commission. ,,You undermine the confidence of the citizens’, said Sophie in ’t Veld (D66).

The parliament asked commissioner Günther Oettinger (human resources) clarification about the ‘superpromotie’ of the chief of staff and partijgenoot of chairman Jean-Claude Juncker. He was in February to the highest administrative post catapulted on the day that it was announced that the Dutchman Alexander Italianer that place on 1 march left.

Agnes Jongerius (PvdA) said to ,,shame for the Europe of the backroom.’ According to Peter van Dalen (ChristenUnie) is Selmayr now,scorched Brussels praise. That is not to digest.”

Dennis de Jong (SP) said ,,step by step’ to want to know how the appointment has expired. There is a research of the committee on budgetary control, where he is a member of. The European Ombudsman examines the affair.

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