EU information centre in battle voedselfraude

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BRUSSELS – The European Commission is to establish a knowledge centre on the food quality in the EU to promote and voedselfraude harder to fight. Public concern about fraud, including meat, dairy, chickens, fish and olive oil, which is the reason for.

Tibor Navracsics

A network of experts is going to current scientific knowledge gathering and sharing. There is a system for early warning of atrocity in one or more member states. “Voedselfraude is a transnational criminal activity and the EU therefore has a clear role to play”, says EU commissioner Tibor Navracsics, for the knowledge centre is responsible for.

Concern about voedselfraude and quality undermines the confidence of consumers and caused damage to the entire food supply chain in Europe, from farmers to retailers, the commission said. The knowledge centre is Tuesday in Strasbourg launched.

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