Ellen Pompeo asks fans to be understanding

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Ellen Pompeo has invited fans are not more evil, because Jessica Capshaw and Sarah Drew of Grey’s Anatomy left. Many followers of the series are not only disappointed because the two depart; they give Ellen the debt because of her high salary.

Last week it was announced that Jessica and Sarah, who are both from 2009 when the cast of the medical drama hear, next year do not return in the fifteenth season. After the announcement, it was speculated that the salary of 575.000 dollars per episode of Ellen had something to do with the departure of her two colleagues. Especially on Twitter, there was much to do about it. Krista Vernoff, the producer of Grey’s Anatomy, did, however, know that the salary of Ellen was not the reason of the departure of the duo.

Sunday night showed Ellen also made themselves heard on social media. In a message thanked everyone who participates in the series. In addition, she asked everyone to stop with the discussions about her salary, and the departure of her two colleagues. They also reported that there is no connection between these two things.

According to Deadline, names producers at the beginning of the current fourteenth season all the decision about the cast for the new season.

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