Dozens dead in plane crash Nepal

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KATHMANDU – Update 12.07 – In the Nepalese capital of Kathmandu is Monday, an aircraft of US-Bangla Airlines crashed. A spokesman of the army, that is called in to assist, claims that there are at least fifty deaths, while the police for the time being with a number of 39.

The plane crashed at the international airport of Kathmandu. It got off course during landing and hit a soccer field near the airport, writes the Kathmandu Post. Then was a fire on board.

One of the victims told the newspaper that the device in the countries suddenly “violently began to shake.” Then it was a bang hard to hear. The man could say through a window to leave the plane. “I have injury to my head and legs, but guess I’m lucky that I’m alive.”

There would be about twenty-five injured passengers from the plane are removed, and to the hospital. A portion of them is likely later to the injuries and died. On board were 67 passengers and four pilots.

The plane took off from Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, and landed at 14.20 hours local time in Nepal. It is still unclear what is the cause of the crash. The device if from the south side of the airport lands, but approached the runway from the north.

The Nepalese aviation authority suspects that there was technical problems. All air traffic from and to the airport is shut down. Reddingwerkers and the army are present.

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