Dismantling the Belgian nuclear power plants more expensive

9c9dfb70f8f097a553bf86966326f78b - Dismantling the Belgian nuclear power plants more expensive

BRUSSELS – The total cost of the decommissioning of the nuclear power plants in Belgium are estimated at more than 15 billion euros. That is 25 per cent (3 billion) more than the previous estimate of five years ago.

The nuclear power plant of doel (KCD) is a Belgian kerncentralepark with four nuclear power plants.

This is evident from a report of the National agency for Radioactive Waste and enriched Fissile materials (ondraf / Niras).

It appears to be especially expensive to the nuclear power plants in doel and Tihange to dismantle, but also the cost of the management of radioactive waste have increased. The ondraf / Niras recommends a public debate about a solution for the radioactive waste. Last month, it was proposed that deep under the ground to store.

“Without social support is even the most robust technical solution unfeasible,” according to the ondraf / Niras-director Marc Initiative.

The government wants the power plants in 2025, but the last time is talk about extending the life of some reactors. Neighbouring countries are worried about the safety.

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