Dennis Black Magic to prison: “But I am innocent’

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Monday morning, the sun is shining, spring seems to be coming up, but not with Dennis Black Magic. He was told that he returned to the prison because an ankle is denied. The solitary confinement was already longer above the head of Dennis Black Magic, but he hoped to have a bracelet to get.

“Best friends, how do you bring bad news?” writes Dennis Black Magic Monday morning on Facebook. “Just the way it is: Thursday 15 march 2018 at 14h I will need to sell to the prison for a sentence of 18 months. And this for sending an sms”, it sounds. “Because I don’t agree with certain terms and conditions – what a confession would be – is my ankle is denied. It was a tough decision for me, but also one of honor and principles. That is more important than anything,” said Dennis Black Magic on Facebook. “The reason I made this public, it not only has to do with my innocence. I do it out of respect for all of you, because you and Flanders have the right to know why I you need to leave. You, and a lot of people in Flanders, supporting me for a long time already, thank you. It hurts, let that be clear.”

Dennis Black Magic was in september of last year, convicted for zedenfeiten. According to the public ministry he would be two minor girls have turned to prostitution. The court ruled that there was sufficient evidence against Dennis Black Magic, and so he received a prison sentence of 18 months. Dennis says in a message on Facebook that he is innocent. “In 2013, said a prisoner to me in the prison of Oudenaarde, with the question of whether or not I are 15-year-old daughter could engage in a project of him. I refused to do. Logical also. Later we were in the cell a common mobile phone to maintain contact with family members. Through this gsm (which was never found) were there to his daughter sexually explicit text messages sent. Later in 2015, after he received a transfer to another prison was well-known as he faces a political prisoner the following: “I know that Dennis the messages never sent, because I’ve done it.’ Those were his literal words. According to the law should be a prison warden not testify in such cases.”

“Long story short: to 1.5 years in prison for sending an sms, which the phone never found for further research. As my adviser Walter Vansteenbrugge already in the media stated: the research was carried out very sloppy. Indeed, the facts were never proven. Yet I am condemned, ‘on the basis of doubt”. Also just like to say that the two young ladies, which in the case file appear as ‘victim’, never civil party, never a complaint and never even a statement wanted to take against me. Let one thing be clear: this is NOT sexual assault, NOT rape, NOT a sexual act, but only to the sending of a text message. “Towards fornication’, in the file to read.”

Dennis Black Magic must be Thursday in the prison of Hasselt go sign up but see that he does not sit. “The attorney wants me to sign in the prison of Hasselt, but I’m NOT safe because of an outstanding account of the warders there. Through my counsel, Walter Vansteenbrugge, I have to let you know that I want to offer to the prison of Beveren. Should this be approved, that will also happen. If not, then they should come to catch up with all the manpower that they have because I’m NOT going to Hasselt. I have 1.5 years innocent sit down, and this is what I want it is SAFE to do so”, concludes Dennis Black Magic.

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