Country singer Tim McGraw sick on stage

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Countryster Tim McGraw during a concert in Dublin on Sunday the stage collapsed. The wife of Tim, the country singer Faith Hill, came to the public later tell you that it is now better with him.

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill

The singer had just been hit Humble & Child sung, when he was on his knees slumped and no longer came up. He was drained, after which Faith the stage came up to the concert-goers to tell you that her husband suffered from uitdrogingsverschijnselen had. “I’m sorry, but I have the decision made that he not come back tonight.”

A spokesman of the countrykoppel gave Sunday evening a statement to Rolling Stone. “Tim McGraw was suffering from dehydration during his performance in Dublin. He was treated on the scene by the medical staff, and comes back on. He and Faith thank everyone for their liefdesbetuigingen and support, and look forward to their Irish fans again soon.”

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