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CEO of the Jupiler Pro League reacts to the commotion in Mechelen: “not Now throughout the league in question”

e3d7fbc9c8df8508d0a1cbd472501315 - CEO of the Jupiler Pro League reacts to the commotion in Mechelen: “not Now throughout the league in question”

Pierre François has Monday after the kalendervoorstelling of the play-offs in the Jupiler Pro League called the competitieverloop not in doubt. Did the CEO of the Pro League as a result of the allegations that KV Mechelen, Eupen and Beerschot Wilrijk in the past 24 hours launched.

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KV Mechelen


2 – 0


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KV Mechelen disappears despite a 2-0 win against Waasland-Beveren from the Jupiler Pro League, because Eupen thanks to a crazy final with 4-0 won from Moeskroen. Malinwa is lowered on doelpuntensaldo to 1B. Mouscron was subsequently the bitten dog for the Townspeople, see themselves not freely went according to Eupen. Also Beerschot Wilrijk fired after the lost second leg against Cercle with a sharp to the referee.



4 – 0

Excel Mouscron

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“We had anticipated an eventful final battle. Therefore, we have for both degradatieduels a videoref provided with a maximum number of cameras. Now I am trying the tempers to calm. It is not because one goal a little easier than the rest, that the whole league is in doubt must withdraw. We all keep enough of the football to the integrity of this league to believe,” says François.

“We may be the reputation damage that such accusations are not light recording. That must be avoided. I understand the reactions of supporters and their clubs, but let us calmly continue,” said François, that no attempts expected to be through the green table to the current state to change. “I am convinced that the results of the regular competition will continue.”

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Testmatch is negotiable

For Pierre François, the import of test matches in case of a tie in the degradatiestrijd negotiable. “The first criterion should the wins continue, but why then not a testmatch on a neutral ground? As the tempers cooled down, we can be on the table. It would, in any case, a lot of commotion away. But it certainly will not be at the next board meeting (19 march, ed.) discussed.”

“Each club should now be looking in the mirror and make an analysis. The only way to KV Mechelen soon be back in the top-level return, because that is where the supporters belong,” says the CEO of the Pro League.

“That makes football as brutal and beautiful at the same time”

“One of the advantages of the present competitieformat is that it is extremely exciting to the last second. I have at the same time disappointed and opgeluchte people”, said François. “It is important to underline that the here to football. In our sport, been there once decisions are completely at the end of the contest. That we saw in the promotiematch between Cercle and Beerschot, and in the narrow victory of Standard in Ostend. Also in Mechelen and Eupen that was the case. That makes football as brutal and beautiful at the same time.”

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