Celebrated Soviet actor Oleg Tabakov died

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The famous Russian actor and director Oleg Tabakov is on today at the age of 82 after a prolonged illness died. It reports the Mchat theatre in Moscow, of which he is artistic director. Tabakov acquired in their country fame in the Soviet cult films. Abroad, he acquired fame as count Nikita Rostov in the Tolstoy-adaptation ‘Vojna i Mir’ (War and Peace), Sergey Bondartsjoek, in the also oscar-winning ” Moscow does not believe in tears by Vladimir Mensjov and as Oblomov in the eponymous film by Nikita Michalkov to the novel of Ivan Goncharov.

In 1935, in Saratov, in the south-west of Russia, born Tabakov was in his career with the two highest awards, honored: Artist of the People of the Soviet Union and Artist of the Russian People. In the course of his career he grew to be the living symbol of the artistic freedom in Russia. Also on toneelvlak he played a pioneering role, both in the Sovremennik theatre, which he led from 1971 to 1976, as the Mchat theatre. He produced successful plays as “Vesnoj yes vernoes k tebje” (In the spring I will come back to you) and ‘Belosnezjka i sem gromov’ (snow white and the seven dwarfs).

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