’Catastrophic’ situation in rebellenstad Syria

1747eb8d239d9b15f779e49da3d07bda - ’Catastrophic’ situation in rebellenstad Syria

AMMAN – The authorities in rebellenstad Douma in Eastern Ghouta struggle with the influx of refugees. Thousands of displaced families to stay in streets and parks due to lack of space in cellars and other hiding places, warns the city council, that talks about a “catastrophic” situation.

In the city would be a shortage of food. The dead are no longer buried, because of the persistent air strikes, according to the local directors. Residents of Eastern Ghouta have been the last time en masse fled the fighting between pro-government troops and rebels.

The Syrian government wants to rebellenbolwerk Eastern Ghouta, near Damascus, and again to get her hands on. The offensive accompanied by heavy bombing and artilleriebeschietingen. The violence in the enclave has, since mid-February cost the life of especially 1100 civilians, said the Syrian Observatory for human Rights.

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