‘Cameron Diaz stops acting’

c87a28b73631d9c373b31694648c527f - 'Cameron Diaz stops acting'

Cameron Diaz would have stopped acting to concentrate fully on her family life with her husband Benji Madden. That reveals good friend Selma Blair, who Cameron recently spoke about her plans for the future.

The two met at the Oscar’s Vainty Fair pre-party in Los Angeles last week, where they once again memories was drawn to the movie the Sweetest Thing, where she worked in played. “It seemed to me like a sequel, but Camerion has stopped acting, she is done with it. I mean, they don’t make any more films, she has a pretty fantastic life. I have no idea what there would be to have her back on the white cloth to get,” said Selma against the Daily Mail.

Cameron was in 2014 for the last time in a film to admire. They then played Miss Hannigan in Annie. The actress and Benji met each other in 2014 know and were married seven months later.

Cameron Diaz, Christina Applegate and Selma Blair in The Sweetest Thing

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